Happy holidays

Quite relieved to be back from our second family holiday. That’s not to say it wasn’t a lovely place – it really was. Periyali in Zakynthos is made for parents and pre-school age children in particular, with a friendly creche, plenty of safety features and toys on tap. No, it was more about the tummy bug Scrip picked up just before going away. That made for some long grisly days and us seeing far too much of the inside of our pretty villa, plus my husband succumbing to the nasty virus.

As Scrip is so small, bugs tend to hang around so the plane ride home was probably the most challenging part – luckily for me my husband was in the aisle seat and so had to do the majority of the changes (and there were quite a few). So we’ve vowed to return next year to the same place – something we’ve never actually done before – and see much more of Zakynthos.Image

Aside from the villa complex, highlights from our stay included the beautiful sandy beaches – we made it to a couple nearby and found clear, beautifully warm and shallow water; the stunning views (I couldn’t get over how green one of the sunniest Greek islands actually was) and the mostly gorgeous weather in late October.

Scrip seems a lot brighter now and is back eating and drinking normally. And she’s rediscovering toys that she hasn’t seen for a week and finding them more exciting than ever. Meanwhile, we’re wondering how Zakynthos (and the Periyali creche) will look in the spring…

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