S is for socks

We’re having building work done at the moment, which means our home is even more of a muddle than usual. Our (new) oatmeal carpets have blackish edges, there are smear marks on the walls and our belongings are strewn around each room. The wrong room; nothing is in its right place.


Which is why I found myself stepping over a number of tiny socks this morning on my way across my bedroom. Stripey ones, flowery ones, ones with printed with tiny, pink mary janes and ones with little grippy paw prints on the bottom. Which in turn got me thinking.

Now I pull a pair out of the ‘socks and tights drawer’ (as I tell my husband it’s called each time he tries to sneak a sleep suit or long-sleeved vest in) without thinking about it. But there was a time that my search for the perfect pair took me across west London.

Mothercare let me down – I found their socks looked lovely but slipped off within an hour of carefully putting on. Marks & Spencer, too, didn’t deliver. Even Jojo Maman Bebe couldn’t provide socks that stayed up. Someone then recommended Sock Ons – true, these are a clever little idea and are unbudgeable; but they tend to look quite ugly. There’s no point putting on pretty socks if you’re going to cover them up with something that looks vaguely medical.

So I did what every discerning new mum does nowadays: I Googled the problem. And that lead me to a Primark recommendation. I boycotted Primark for quite a while, after it was exposed for exploiting workers. So now I look out for its progress and CSR initiatives. And I approve of the steps it’s taken to improve its working conditions – particularly being an active member of the Ethical Trade Initiative. I now shop there every now and again.

Primark’s baby socks are the best I’ve found. They look good and actually stay on. So I bought a colourful little bundle of them. Hopefully, if you’re reading this after a sock search similar to mine, my ramble will at least have helped you find a solution. And now I’d better go and put those little socks in my bedroom into pairs and into the right drawer.

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