Feeling fluey

I’ve got flu. I’m in bed for the third day in a row – all I have managed is to take some tentative steps into the sitting room today and help change a nappy. But then I retired (slowly) to bed.

It’s times like this that I’m so grateful my husband is so hands-on – which sounds like such a dated phrase nowadays, but by which I mean he prioritises Scrip over his other activities and feels confident enough to take sole charge at short notice. From what I hear, not every newish dad is like that.

I’m gradually feeling better, day by day. But it’s frustrating to feel weak and helpless. I haven’t felt this fluey since I was at school. I know I’ve probably been overdoing it; particularly working outside work hours. And that weakens immunity – so it will be a lesson.

Until then I will get well and focus on not letting Scrip or my husband get ill.

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