Now we are one

So much for ‘low key’ and ‘no fuss’ – as the countdown to Scrip’s first birthday begins in earnest (23 days…) I find myself designing invites, planning a big spread and researching the best way to buy helium balloons in the shape of number one. They must be large and shiny (and possibly pink).

66386We’ve decided to go for a family affair, plus two close friends and another baby, on her actual birthday, which is luckily a Saturday. Scrip’s lovely Aunty (well, one of them) has offered to make her cake, and my MIL is already planning a large tray of sandwiches (and asking me to confirm how many rounds we’ll need…) Then on my day off after the weekend, there’ll be a gathering of babies and mums or nannies who are around for a bit of an afternoon play and a cupcake or two. There are likely to be a few of us so I’m looking for venues at the moment. A room or area in a cafe or even a pub around Chiswick or the Askewniverse would be ideal – hopefully I’ll find somewhere perfect and post about it afterwards.

Scrip’s already been to a few first birthdays – she’s worn a little party hat, fought over toys, hoovered up chocolate cake crumbs and even taken home her first party bag. And I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve been at with her, even if they are all rather hectic.

I’m now trying to rally my husband into buying a little trike for her present – something like this but not as ridiculously expensive. Hopefully she’ll be keener on being wheeled around in that than she is being put into her pushchair at the moment.

To be honest, she’d probably be just as happy with a book about cats. She’s slightly obsessed with the cats at her nannyshare family’s home – spending hours following them and ‘talking’ to them (poor things). And that seems to have extended into ‘reading’ books about cats in the library for half an hour or so – which is a long time in Scrip’s world.

Anyway, I’m off to research things I never thought I would – like first birthday high chair decorating kits (yes, there are such things) and how many sandwiches to make for 12 people and two one-year-olds.

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