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Happy Easter – I hope you’re enjoying the day, and that you’ve also enjoyed as much chocolate as me. I know it’s not all about that, but it’s one of the only days in the year you can legitimately enjoy chocolate before breakfast (and afterwards, and then later on, until bedtime).

Scrip had some lovely Baby Joules Easter clothes from the Easter Bunny in Cornwall (aka generous Grandma) so she isn’t yet having the chance to develop as sweet a tooth as her mother (but by the looks of how she gobbled up a slice of her birthday chocolate cake a few weeks ago, she’s getting there). I’m also finding it much easier and more rewarding to buy clothes for her now she’s toddling as well as crawling. It’s lovely to be able to put her in dresses again, instead of just hard-wearing trousers, now she’s not so inhibited with all four limbs on the floor.

ImageBut it’s not a clothes trend we’re a part of at the moment. It all started with a prolonged trip to John Lewis with my sister, trying out all the baby pushchairs so I could report back to my husband. I was heavily pregnant so couldn’t really lift them, but we both tried them out in almost every other way and mutually agreed that the Baby Jogger City Mini was the one.

Like with so many baby things, I’m afraid to say that we soaked up all the (brilliant) John Lewis advice and tried out each pushchair in turn, from Graco to Stokke, and then went off and bought ours more cheaply online. But we’ve never regretted the purchase. It’s been brilliant.

We’re still using it now, long after our friends have permanently parked their Bugaboos and moved on to their Maclarens. The City Mini is a lot cheaper than many of the buggies I’ve tried, is really roomy, light weight and the best thing about it is its brilliant, easy folding mechanism. I can even do it with one hand, balancing Scrip on a hip. There’s a short video showing how it works on this page.

It’s not just us who’ve chosen wisely – it seems to be the pushchair of choice on the baby-filled streets of Chiswick. I’ve been stopped a number of times by prospective parents asking what I really think of it as they’ve heard so many good things, and this morning I even saw this pic of Jessica Alba wheeling the same model (I’m ashamed to say I saw it on the Daily Mail online…)

We may have an (accidentally) fashionable pushchair, but I’m pleased to say it’s definitely not a fad.


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