An ode to Kiddicare

This weekend marks the first time Scrip will face the same way as us in a car journey – we’re transitioning her to a forward-facing car seat. I’m expecting big things. Everyone seems to have a story to tell about the wonderment on their little ones’ faces as it dawns on them that they’re travelling in the same direction as their parents, and can see the backs of their heads inside the car as well as fields whizzing by outside.

Maxi Cosi Pebble (I have to admit, we have used one before briefly on our recent holiday. But that was just for short journeys and everything was new over there, so I don’t think that really counts…)

We were trying to keep her in her Maxi Cosi Pebble as long as possible – it’s a 0+ seat, meaning it can be used for longer, and backward-facing seats are meant to be the safest. But at 16 months she is pretty cramped sitting in there and her head has started lolling forwards when she sleeps in that position, so it’s time to move on (to my mother-in-law’s delight – she’s been asking when we’re planning to change for months).

Anyway, we’ve chosen a Maxi Cosi Pearl which fits with our FamilyFix Isofix Base (which has also been really good and very useful when you want to click and go). The new car seat arrived today so we unpacked the two massive boxes (did they really need two?) and brought it out. It’s quite different to our current one and it’s not immediately clear how to adjust the straps. So I had a play around, then gave it to my husband to investigate, but no joy. So I read the little, fiddly, pictures-only manual that came with it – but that got me taking bits out that I didn’t need to, so I abandoned that.

Then I remembered Kiddicare. My saviour. It’s an online shop that stocks a lot of baby goods – we’ve ordered bits and pieces from there in the past. But it’s also home to some really great baby gadget video guides. I’ve used them time and time again over the last 16 months and they’ve proved the most helpful step-by-step explanations I’ve found. We used them with Scrip’s first car seat – to show us how to fit it with a seat-belt – to explain how to secure our pushchair when folded up, to check something on a baby bouncer etc. etc. And on this, they quickly showed us how to adjust the straps in about 30, clear and useful, seconds.

As everyone who’s ever Googled baby advice knows, there’s a wealth of information out there – but it’s the straight-forward, straight-talking, can-even-understand-it-when-sleep-deprived-and-tetchy information that’s the most helpful. So thanks, Kiddicare – you’ve saved the day once more with your idiot-proof videos. Keep up the good work.

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