Cornwall: Callestick, Cyder and Children’s Choppers

At the risk of sounding very English, we’ve been so lucky with the weather this week – we’ve been enjoying a week of sand, sea and child-size pasties in my native Cornwall. I can’t remember it being this hot consistently for a week – it’s so much warmer than our week in Limoges was, back in June.

Cornwall beach

Scrip’s done a lot of running around, too – we’ve hardly had the pushchair out. We’re fortunate enough to be able to stay with my parents with lots of things to see and do – like feeding the chickens, putting pebbles in the paddling pool (she’s not that keen on putting herself in it just yet) and destroying the sand castles we enthusiastically and carefully make for her. We’ve been to the beach, which is just 5 minutes down the road, each day – going after her dinner which has been perfect timing for low tide, the temperature and to tire her out before bedtime, which has crept back to 8pm this week…

I’m keen that Scrip gets used to the sea – so we’ve had lots of encouragement and shallow paddling. It’s helped that there are quite a few little ones running in and out of the water for her to copy. She’s christened the wetsuit she had for Christmas from her Cornwall grandparents – it’s been great. It’s easier to put on than the wetsuits I remember struggling in and out of when I was little, and there’s room to grow, so that it should still be useful next year. It’s a baby shortie from Two Bare Feet. It’s also helped that there’s been very little surf each day – so even though we’re on the north coast we haven’t had to worry about waves crashing around her.

Egg colletingWe also bought Scrip some cheap and cheerful Croc-alikes (from Brantano) to run around in and they’ve been great for in and out of the water. Activities have included a quick trip to Callestick Farm, to see the ice cream making and sample some of their finest frozen clotted cream and blackcurrants, followed by a walk around the Cyder Farm, which is very close, to pet the farm animals, buy some treats for us and enjoy a Cyderman’s lunch.

She’s had a great time and we’ve enjoyed a sunny, relaxing break. In fact, the only real problem has been her developing an aversion to teeth cleaning. Just when you think you’ve got hair washing and tiny nail clipping down to a fine art, another baby ‘grooming’ problem springs up.

We’ve previously used a combination of her ‘cleaning’ them and then me finishing them off. But that seems to have gone out of the window this week as she’s started vigorously shaking her head and crying whenever she even sees the brush. I know she’s been teething this week, so that’s probably not helped. It’s fine if someone distracts her – especially Grandma, who’s very good at playing peepo while I quickly pop the brush in – but most of the time it’s just one of us doing it, and no amount of singing silly teeth songs seems to help.

Hopefully it’s just a phase – but in the meantime I’ll be doing a bit of Googling to come up with a solution (and one that’s more helpful than this NHS guide) so if anyone has any good suggestions, please let me know!



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3 thoughts on “Cornwall: Callestick, Cyder and Children’s Choppers

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  2. Mummy Says

    Reading this in December has made me remember how amazing summer was! Lovely post – just what today’s wet weather ordered x (popping over from archive day) x


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