Ice creams, cartoons and balloons = toddler heaven

I had a glimpse into the future last week as I stepped off a calm London street (if London streets are ever calm) and into a land of crazed children. Fuelled by a showing of the Smurfs 2, ice cream and giant helium balloons, this is surely the kind of kids’ party atmosphere I’ll need to get used to over the next few years.

ImageOne thing united these little ones: they were all having a brilliant time, and I almost wished I had Scrip with me to join in the mayhem. But this was a work day for me, so she was safely in a shaded park with her nannyshare buddy while I was finding out more about a new range of children’s ice creams and lollies from Beechdean Farmhouse and Nickelodeon. They feature Dora the Explorer – who I secretly love and am very happy for Scrip to watch as we have Spanish friends – and Spongebob Square Pants.

Ice cream dribbleMy daughter seems to like all things icey, and when I took them home the range went down a treat. At her age she needs a bit of supervision but all of the flavours were popular – and, more importantly, I enjoyed helping her eat them, too! The ice cream didn’t taste artificial, like a lot of supermarket brands do, and the strawberry and orange push up lollies were refreshing without being too sweet. They’re free from artificial colours, additives and preservatives.

spngebobI also like the fact that the ice cream’s made by Beechdean on their farm – unlike the Mr Whippy-style cones that don’t look they’ve seen much dairy, these are made with jersey milk and are 95% fat free.

spngebobBecause I didn’t have much time I didn’t get to see the film – and since I remember the Smurfs the first time round I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the main target audience. But it was good fun and as well as the ice cream, I also brought a Dora balloon home for Scrip. Suffice to say there was an even bigger smile than usual and lots of manic running from room to room, balloon in hand, reminding me of the event earlier in the day…

The flavours are: Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream tubs and Orange and Strawberry ice lollies

The prices are: £1 for both

They’re available from: Ocado, Fayre & Square, Wacky Warehouse and Nickelodeon Land

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