The roast with the most: London’s favourite dish

FoodAs a long-term veggie, I haven’t been asked to try – let alone cook – a traditional roast dinner for a very long time. But being an equal opportunities household, made up of two parents of similar cooking ability (although I wouldn’t always tell my husband that), when I was approached by Tesco to cook and write about the Sunday favourite, I said that between us, we’d rise to the challenge. (I have no problem with my husband or daughter eating meat, as long as he preps it.)

This is part of the new #LoveEveryMouthful campaign, which celebrates the everyday foodiness of Tesco. A new study of 2,000 parents showed the UK’s most foodie cities – of which London ranked a surprisingly low 5th – as well as the capital’s top five family meals. The humble roast came first (closely followed by pizza and spag bol). So cooking a Glazed Roast Chicken (with potatoes and tenderstem broccoli) was our tasty task.

I’m not surprised that 74% of Londoners are passionate about food and more than half love cooking. But, apparently, we tend to stick to what we know. For me, this is probably true not only of family meals but also for food specifically prepared for my little girl, but that’s another blog post.

Anyway, at the appointed time last weekend the Tesco van of delights pulled up outside and delivered a few bags’ worth of ingredients to our door. It was like a particularly generous version of Ready Steady Cook. I was pleased to see the chicken was free range and a lot of the ingredients were organic. Some of them were staples and some we’d never cooked with before – like rice wine. And they’d kindly put in a veggie option for me (aka Quorn pieces).

IMG_4537IMG_4540IMG_4535Armed with the ingredients – plus a few home grown runner beans – my husband set to work. I like to think I made a good Sous Veggie Chef and Scrip helpfully pointed things out and generally enjoyed the flurry of activity. The marinade seemed to work well on the chicken and also on the quorn pieces. As with all roasts, it took a little time to cook, but it was worth the wait.

IMG_4541The flavours – ginger, garlic, soy sauce, rice wine – worked together beautifully and apparently they also helped to keep the meat moist. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to roast potatoes, but the lemon did add a nice tang. As for Scrip – she was happier with the chicken skin and the quorn than the chicken itself, but she did polish off some of the veggies. I think the meal will probably be particularly popular with older families. My husband has also tucked into the cold chicken for a few nights in a row (proof that he really did #LoveEveryMouthful). Thank you, Tesco.

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