Toys for a one year-old that last the distance

IMG_4434We had a toy audit recently – not so much getting rid but stowing away those that don’t get picked out of the big  basket in the corner of the room as often as they used to. It was actually quite hard. Some were obviously for ‘baby’ babies – so the fluffy blocks and left over teething toys could be gathered up. But I noticed many of the toys were still popular even though they were ‘old timers’ by some people’s toy box standards (which means they were at least 6 – 9 months old. And still going strong.)

Here are some of Scrip’s current favourites – both cheaper and more expensive – that have lasted the distance and are still as popular as ever.

ImageFisher Price Eggs (or ‘Hide and Squeak Eggs’, as I found out in my search just now). These were a pre-loved present but were pristine and have been easy to keep clean. She loves sorting them and slotting them in (they have different shaped bottoms), taking the tops off, making them squeak and opening and closing the box. She also learnt the word ‘egg’ when collecting real ones recently, so they’re even more fun.


ImageIkea’s joys include the cheap weekend breakfasts, the chance to buy any and every picture frame you could imagine and colourful, children’s wooden toys. Of those that have made it into our burgeoning basket during a trip to the Wembley store, the Mula stacking rings have proved the most popular. The rings are chunky and wooden and the base has a rubber stand. Scrip and her nannyshare buddy spend ages sharing turns. And they were only £7.



And talking of wooden toys, one that’s a little more crafted is Scrip’s Jamm Toys Wooden Ark. A first birthday present, this has been brilliant for animal names, animal noises, taking the boat apart (kindly leaving me to put it back together) and opening and closing the little red trap door. It also looks beautiful.



ImageOf all the walkers we’ve seen and Scrip’s played with, this Vtech one’s definitely been the most useful. Bought optimistically early, she was enjoying the music and dials long before she could move anywhere with or without it. The front panel is detachable so we’ve sometimes taken that with us and left the frame. But when she did start dragging and then pushing it, it seemed stable and sturdier than a lot of walkers. There might be a lot of plastic involved but I’d buy it for her all over again.


ImageAs for many families, I’m sure, Sophie‘s been a permanent fixture since Scrip was about four months old. The little giraffe is worth a special mention here because she recently kept Scrip entertained for a whole car journey. She’s gone from gumming to chewing and she now delights in making Sophie squeak in different ways by squeezing different parts of her lengthy body. A little toy trooper.

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