A Grandma and Grandy weekend

IMG_4892We’re so lucky my parents live in Cornwall – we can enjoy the best summer holiday England offers or can jump in the car and escape for a long weekend when we feel like it (we do this in our minds – in practice we plan and pack for days before).

The main downside is not having them close by to pop in for coffee and a play or a bedtime story with Scrip. But that does mean when they come up for a weekend it’s even more special.

IMG_4891They came up last weekend and we had such a lovely time eating ham and gruyere in Pain Quotidien, spotting ducks at Chiswick House and clambering on trees in the park. We also made a trip to see Scrip’s second cousin – she was actually more interested in climbing in and out of his little car, but the thought was there.

Scrip was so excited and delighted to see them in person rather than on a little screen, and she hardly slept during the days (but lucky made up for it at night).

We’re all already looking forward to the next time.


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