Time for Bath

Toddler in garden in BathLast weekend we saw cousins, second cousins and good friends in Bath. It was so nice to head west to the fresh air, green fields and honey coloured buildings for a couple of days. We even had a country walk (or a ‘carry’ as someone wasn’t so keen on walking as soon as we stepped out of the car…)

Our friends have just bought a house in a village outside the city and Scrip loved the spacious rooms and open plan layout as she pottered around and clambered on chairs and sofas. Not to mention the joys of the garden complete with trampoline. I love our home but it’s times like these we long for the space that we could only afford outside London.

Seeing Scrip interact and play with other children – particularly in smaller groups – made me realise how much she’s grown up. She was sharing toys and talking and she acted like a little shadow to our three year old goddaughter in particular – following her around and copying her every move.

Scrip was great throughout our time there and even at communal bath time (for the little ones, not us, despite the location). The only thing that didn’t work out was bedtime, as she didn’t nap earlier in the day so there was a bit of an over-tired frenzy in the evening. But she eventually settled – and then we settled ourselves down to a bottle of red. But all being parents of young children, we were obviously yawning and checking our watches long before midnight, preparing for the early wake up.

We’re off to Wales shortly, as long as we don’t get snowed in in the meantime, so I’m looking forward to some more big skies and clean air very soon.

Toddlers holding hands   Walk near Bath  Moon in sky

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