Five reasons to become a Biscuiteer

Biscuiteers book of iced biscuitsOne of my lovely sisters stood in for me recently when I was invited to the Biscuiteers delicious-sounding Christmas do, but was quarantined with hand, foot and mouth (either a toddler or animal disease, depending

on my friends’ interpretations). It was a rather nasty illness and I missed out on some nice things – like this event – but luckily my sister was treated to an evening of icing practice and biscuit-y treats, and told me all about it afterwards.

Biscuit shape cuttingAs well as running their site and icing school, the Biscuiteers are doing some interesting things all over the capital, including building an edible gingerbread cityscape in Selfridges celebrating London’s lost buildings. One great thing my sister was able to pass on was a copy of the Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits – which almost looks edible itself with its gorgeous cover and beautiful, crafted content. So much so that I’m actually giving a copy to my sister-in-law for her birthday – a new mum – so let’s hope she doesn’t read this first…

Baby shower biscuitsAs I mentioned before we had some Biscuiteer biscuits as a new baby pressie when Scrip was just a few days old and that was the first I’d heard of the company. I remember thinking how beautifully made and delicate they were. I have so much less time to do lovely, craft-type things myself nowadays, but browsing the book got me thinking about starting to be creative again – particularly with food. So here are five reasons that we could all take some inspiration from the Biscuiteers:

  • Biscuits are surprisingly simple and cheap to make, and look great when done properly.
  • They make good presents – the cupcake revolution has been and gone. Biscuits last longer (up to five days), can be packaged up easily and look more ‘finished’. And everyone likes a homemade Christmas pressie.
  • Icing to turn them into little animal shapes, butterflies or even vegetables seems simple when you know how – you just need a bit of practice and to be able to follow a few instructions.
  • They’d make good children’s party treats – and are easy to produce in larger volumes.
  • And there’s always the lovely book for inspiration – even if you don’t get as far as cracking open the flour and you just fancy flicking through during naptime – it makes for good eye candy.

Happy baking!


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