We’re all going on a winter holiday

A holiday is approaching – which means we’ll all be coming down with colds, the iPad will be groaning with the Sesame Street and Peppa Pig downloads and I’ll pack three times the amount of clothes I need and four times the amount Scrip needs.
If I sound ungrateful I don’t mean to – we’re really excited about going away and are very lucky to be able to. But as Scrip grows, so does the amount of prep and organisation needed.
This year I’ve taken a tip from a friend and mum of an almost two year old and bought some little pressies for the five hour flight, which I’m wrapping in tissue paper and can be kept in reserve for her as a distraction after Peppas and co have been enjoyed. Then they can be new toys to enjoy when we’re away. My friend suggested buying from supermarkets – I actually picked mine up in good old M&S. Here’s a sneak preview of what I bought.






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