Saving and sharing photo memories

Lifecake for iPad exampleA big part of my life with Scrip has been capturing moments – as I wrote about earlier this year. I use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (which isn’t connected to this) as well as blogging. I love writing, but visuals are so powerful and the time goes so quickly – so hardly a day goes by where I don’t take a quick picture or record a short video of Scrip. I know a lot of them are much more interesting to close family than to the wider world – not sure how many people would like to see Scrip taking off and putting on socks for the first time, for example.

I haven’t printed as many photos as I should – must get round to that… – but I do often share them online. Sometimes I text or email and I’ve used iCloud with a few special people who are on iPads or iPhones, which is great for little comments on each photo as well. But it hasn’t worked for videos. I’ve also tried with private YouTube and Vimeo pages (not a great success – too fussy and difficult for some of the grandparents to access). So far I’ve failed to find one place to keep all my photos and videos of Scrip together; which is where Lifecake comes in.

It’s a new site that lets you store photos, videos and memories of milestone moments all in one place, for free (1GB which is about 1,000 photos – an upgrade gives you more space). Whoever you like can access them and comment. So rather than sharing on Facebook for your cousin’s ex-boyfriend’s great aunty to peruse, this is by invitation only. And it’s nicely designed – so images look more portrait than point-and-shoot.

I’m part way through putting Scrip’s photos on there – from birth to now – which is taking a while! There’s a mac and PC uploader to help you – although I haven’t managed to get mine to upload that quickly, so that’s a work in progress. But otherwise the site is really clean, straightforward and intuitive. The timeline is clear and interesting, with photos attractively laid out. There are also iOS and Android apps.

I’ve shared my timeline with my husband, who says: “It gives context to the photos and tells the story well”, and my mum, a proud first time grandma, who says: “I particularly like the idea of a horizontal timeline – tidier and more logical than a collection of folders or albums, much easier to search for a particular event or period.”

All of your content is secured by some impressive-sounding tech – the same that use – and there’s no trade off with advertisers using your data. Which makes it perfect for parents – I find I’m much more sensitive to that kind of thing now I’m looking out not just for me but for Scrip as well. Once it’s all in place, as well as storing forever online Lifecake will also print a photobook for you (for an additional charge). Maybe I won’t need to visit Snappy Snaps after all.

What: a virtual sharing site for family photographs and video
How much: free – for the first 1GB/1,000 photos

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