Bill’s in Chiswick: trying out a toddler lunch

Bill's restaurant collageI loved the original Bill’s in Lewes and have also tried out the Reading and Soho versions. So although I quietly mourned the loss of Giraffe in Chiswick (that veggie breakfast was one of the best) I was pleased to see the white chalk-like logo appear one day announcing that the High Road was about to get its very own Bill’s in its place.

The homely, well-worn leather and scrubbed wooden tables design concept is similar to so many cafes I pop into in my constant quest to find the best flat whites (Hack & Vedlt is a current favourite) – exposed brick work, painted wood and enamel crockery. And they do it well – it’s based on the original Sussex shed-come-vegetable-stall which is where it all began for Bill. The Chiswick restaurant wasn’t too crowded during this weekday lunchtime and there was a nice, calm atmosphere. So Scrip and I popped in for a bite to eat and I thought I’d try their menu and also test how toddler-proof their newest outpost was.

Here’s what I thought:

The good

  • The food was nice and there was a good range of original dishes and traditional favourites to choose from – to suit veggie adults, omnivores and little ones. Scrip loved her meal (once it had cooled)
  • There was a nice, relaxed air and the vintage-inspired, comfy surroundings suited the sunny side of Chiswick High Road
  • We were shown to a good spacious table and a (clean, working) highchair arrived quickly when I asked for one

The not so good

  • There were no crayons, drawing things or activity sheets on the tables or offered to us. Obviously we’re there to eat and it’s not a necessity, but it is a really nice to have and Scrip loves them when we eat at Pain Quotidien, Byron Burger, Pizza Express etc.
  • Unfortunately, when the food arrived (macaroni cheese) it was far too hot for a hungry toddler – luckily they warned us, but they also said the bowl was very hot so to be careful. It would have been better to have transferred it into a cold bowl before serving
  • The food was a bit on the pricey side for a casual lunch – in comparison to similar restaurants nearby

All in all
The food was good if a bit more than you’d expect – but although there’s a toddler menu, I didn’t feel like it was set up for children. Maybe this will change as time goes on or maybe grown ups are their main audience.

What: Bill’s restaurant in Chiswick, 270-2 Chiswick High Road
When: 8am – 10am Monday – Saturday; 8am – 9.30pm on Sundays. We went on a Monday lunchtime
How much: Our lunch was just over £30 for the two of us.



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