From 12 to 24 months: a year in pics

One year old in fieldI’ve been putting together invites to Scrip’s second birthday ‘party’ this week (less party, more calm gathering I’m hoping). The terrible twos are fast approaching and she’s definitely more ready to welcome them than me, having been carefully honing her tantrum techniques for the last few months.

Whereas the first birthday invite was a carefully crafted card celebrating each of her first twelve months with a picture, I’m sorry to say her second birthday invitees have been receiving a hastily put together email with scant details. But I did have a play on the fab PicMonkey and attached some nice photo memories from the last year. And what a year it’s been – just looking through my pictures from last March to February, the progression’s been amazing.

Funny to think that the little girl who now charges everywhere leaving me in her wake only took her first wobbly steps less than a year ago. This time last year she couldn’t say a phrase, sing a song, colour or eat with anything other than her tiny hands. Always determined, her independence has shone through, but so has her sense of humour, ability to entertain and to put her foot down (and the rest of her!)

So I thought I’d put together another little photo reminder and celebration of what we – or should I say she – has been up to over the last twelve months.

Toddler pics from twelve months

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