Party bag toys for a two-year old: Tiger earns its stripes

BubblesIt’s straight back into party planning mode after a fab mini break in Berlin – which deserves a blog post in its own right with its amazing open air museums, fantastic food and interesting boutique-lined villagey areas. This one will be a low key party – as I keep telling myself and as I’ve written about before – but there are going to be family, a few friends and a handful (would have to be a large hand) of small children. And suddenly there are only two weeks to go.

So I’ve been using my faithful friend, the internet, to get what I can and I did a quick whip around Tiger this morning and managed to pick up some great bits and pieces which will be perfect for party bags. Tiger’s a favourite of mine – not so much for my husband as he can’t see the attraction of winding gently around the shop, browsing each and every shelf and finishing your little journey at the till, basket piled high with a range of things I didn’t know I needed before I set foot inside. But that’s the beauty of it for me – it’s a little treasure trove of anything and everything and it’s all really well priced.

We actually went inside today as a distraction for Scrip, as we didn’t have time to go to the playground but she was getting restless. And it’s such a colourful, tactile shop (which she proved when she knocked a range of jewellery hangers on the floor – but generally she was good at looking but not too much pulling down). Anyway, she loved it and it didn’t disappoint – alongside corse sea salt, some lovely cards and extra long bendy straws (essentials, obviously), I picked up a good range of mini presents.

Here are my wares (also listed below – theĀ  Charley Bear book set was an extra from elsewhere). Now there’s just the small matter of a rather tricky Peppa Pig cake to master.


Bubbles; coloured rubber ducks; shaped post-its; character wooden clips; animal-shaped crayons; Charley Bear books (from TK Maxx).

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