Urban foraging: the new Brook Green Wild Food Market

Wild Food Market Brook GreenNo Little Foxes this week so Saturday morning was an ideal time to explore the new Brook Green Wild Food Market at Addison Primary School. We used to go to a Farmers’ Market in

Chiswick a few years ago – also in a school playground – and I was pleased to pick up a leaflet this week about this new foodie market a short bus ride away.

My husband was sceptical at first (especially as I encouraged him to take out lots of cash beforehand) but he changed his mind as soon as he stepped through the gates and saw the sausage sandwiches; he headed straight for that stand whilst Scrip and I had a wander around looking at all the wares on offer. There was a great range – from homemade soups, to breads and pastries, to fresh apple juice, English asparagus, mushrooms and lots of free range and organic meat and eggs. Oh, and a gin stand which seemed pretty popular. Our bags quickly filled up and we took a seat to eat some early lunch.

As well as food there was also a  Wild Capital stand with some displays, real minibeasts and a lively commentary, talking about the important role slugs, snails, worms and woodlice play in food production. It drew crowds of children and Scrip was certainly very curious.

It sounds like the people behind the market have some interesting plans – including cookery demonstrations and foraging lessons. There were some table tennis tables out but it was a bit windy to play. I also think some coffee or tea stalls would have been a very welcome addition.

I’ll definitely be back for more – especially after cooking with some delicious wild garlic and spinach last night. And even my husband said how much he enjoyed it (although it might have been fuelled by the sausage sandwich).

(By the way, we headed to Betty Blythe on Blythe Road after for something to warm us up – I wouldn’t recommend it, unfortunately. Pretty unfriendly and unwelcoming.)

What: Wild Food Farmers’ Market
Where: Addison Primary School, Addison Gardens, Brook Green, W14 0DT
When: 10am – 3pm every Saturday

Some of the stalls at the Market (more to join):
Celtic bakers
Fosse Farm
Mouthfull Food Company
Havelock Tavern
Pick’s Organic Farm
Wild Country Organics
Sweet and Tart
The Mushroom Table
Hansen & Lydersen
The Gin Garden

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