Exploring Maynards new Discovery Patch

Maynards Discovery Patch packetScrip had jelly for the first time last weekend at a party and was the only 2 year old who enjoyed it, so I was pretty sure she’d be just as keen to try some jelly sweets. She hasn’t really had sweets with us and she’s only occasionally tried chocolate, so when she saw the colourful packet on the table she assumed they were

crisps (and then quickly asked to have one, obviously).

I’m not a big fan of sweets myself and being a vegetarian, particularly not jelly ones. But I’m not averse to her trying new things (some in moderation) and these looked quite fun.

They come in three variants – Animals, Body Bits and Myths & Monsters – and there’s an appropriate game or puzzle on the back of each pack. But that’s not all – there’s also a free app to go with the range. Called Explore and Play, it scans the packaging and then brings up the relevant augmented reality game on your smartphone.

Maynards Explore and Play appYou have to move your phone around you until you see a part of a creature based on the theme of the pack, which appears to be hovering in the room you’re in, then guess what it is to see the full version. So soon we had a little hedgehog virtually rolling around on our table and a giraffe walking along our curtains.

It was good fun and although only young – so she couldn’t take any of the quiz questions on the app and needed me to play the game for her – Scrip liked touching the screen and thought it was brilliant when the animals moved. She even asked for ‘more animals’ later on in the day, long after the sweets had been put away.

Discovery Patch AnimalsIt’s a fun idea and although the graphics were quite basic they were definitely enough to keep her entertained. There are also a few more functions on the app to allow you to share on Facebook and Twitter and an easy how-to guide – although I found it quite quick to pick up once I gave it a go.

If you were looking for sweets with a bit extra – perhaps for a present or a party – then these would be the ones to go for, especially if you have slightly older children – e.g. school age. Plus the colours are all natural, so no need to worry about E-numbers.


What: Maynards Discovery Patch sweet range
How much: RRP of £1.52 for 160g bag and treatsize bag of 21 £2.99

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