Sew Coastal – a brilliant business homemade in Cornwall

Sew Costal projectA few days in Cornwall and a healthy dose of sunshine and I’m already plotting our move down here. Not sure my husband feels quite the same (much as he loves it here it’s pretty far away from his Kent homeland, I have to admit) but Scrip certainly seems to enjoy the space, the big garden and the giant sandpit (complete with sea) just down the road.

The more working experience I get, the more I realise I could do a lot of my job from home – although my company is based in central London and so it might mean a move away from office life and towards my own business, which seems quite scary. But when I think about it, exploring some projects on the side and gradually increasing that part feels much less intimidating and more achievable than suddenly making a break and setting up on my own.

Father's Day giftsWhatever you choose to do, developing your own business seems to be most successful when you’re good at what you do and you enjoy it. This is exactly how my friend Helen started her brilliant home made craft business, Sew Coastal, which I’ve previously mentioned. A former teacher, she found it difficult to balance her work with looking after her two small children so took the decision to become a full time mum. When she couldn’t find nice canvas PE bags for her sons she pulled out the sewing machine and created some herself. Soon her friends at the school gates were putting in orders for bags for their children, and the business has grown from there.

Sew Coastal make up bagsNow Helen prints and makes a range of beautiful products from her home in Cornwall, from make up bags to cushions to bespoke projects. And her business doesn’t stand still – she’s constantly learning with fabric courses (with Kiwi Print Studio), sewing courses (she enjoyed one with Poppy Treffry) and business training. She’s doing a brilliant job at making a home business work for her and work around her family, and all of it five hours away from the capital. And her husband does the same, running his own technology business from Truro.

We popped in to see Helen yesterday with another one of our friends, who is also mum of a two-year old and is trying to make the move to work entirely for herself, and they really do inspire me to think beyond central London office life.

PS – Sew Coastal are doing some lovely Father’s Day personalised pictures – it’s well worth a visit.


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