Growing up with the garden

Toddler watering the garden We’re about to get our garden re-done, which is very exciting and will hopefully make it a better space for Scrip to play in (I already have my eye on some small wooden sandpits). When I say garden, I mean more of a small yard, but we have plants and veg and even a tiny shed which will hopefully survive the makeover.

We’re moving back borders to create more space for a small pink car to be trundled around or even more muddy puddles to be created. And for us we’ll have a bigger area for a decent sized table and chairs so we can hopefully spend more time out there all together. If this week’s anything to go by we can eat out there in the evenings, too.

I love being in the garden and I’m trying to encourage Scrip to as well. So on my Mondays off I try and make sure we go out there if it’s nice and a few evenings a week we go out there together and water the plants. She’s got pretty proficient with the hose now and she finally Snail in the gardenunderstands it’s called a hose and not a ‘ho’ when she yells about it as soon as we get outside (‘where’s the ho?’). This evening she even proved that she could put her thumb over the end and spray the plants (and mummy) with it. We’ve grown some sunflowers together, which she seems interested in, and we have a look at all the creepy crawlies like snails (unfortunately there are plenty to look at), ladybirds, spiders and bees.

She’s also learnt the ‘thumbo rule’ – that she’s not allowed to suck her thumb after touching anything outside before her hands have been washed well indoors. And she’s learning the picking rule – she can pick bits of certain plants like rosemary (which she loves to smell) but not everything and particularly not the beautiful David Austin rose buds… That one she’s still mastering, sadly.

I’ll be away when the gardening work starts so I’m hoping for a transformation when I come back. Then we can make a little girl with a bucket and spade very happy indeed.

Toddler with wellies in gardenBottlebrush in flower





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