Sunday snacking: new Sensations Popcorn

Sensations Popcorn collageSomeone at Walkers is thinking about my waistline Рwhich is nice to know! I reviewed Walkers Sunbites earlier this year (they were very nice) and this week I was sent some new Walkers Sensations Popcorn to try. Being a mad time at work with a few late nights thrown in (lucky me) the packs came in handy at home and in our office, with all my colleagues enjoying the Sweet Cinnamon & Salt flavour. Scrip also had her beady eye on the Popcorn and tried a few of the Sweet Indian Spice flavour, which went down very well.

The bags look the same as the Walkers Sensations crisps, which we love and we buy when we do get big bags. The Thai Sweet Chili (my favourite in crisp variety) had a really similar flavour in the Popcorn, but all of the Popcorn flavours have a bit of a twist. They all combine salty and savoury flavours. As well as Thai Sweet Chilli we tried Sweet Cinnamon & Salt and Sweet Indian Spice.

Walkers call it ‘sweevory’ – and it was definitely a new and interesting taste. It’s like the sweet and salty popcorn mix you get at the cinema but with an added layer.

I liked all of the flavours, but although I like popcorn, I find it bloats me if I eat too much, so it’s probably best as a small bowlful at a time along with other snacks. And I still haven’t found a snack that’s as moreish as crisps.

My crisp-loving husband seemed to find them a suitable football snack, and with the World Cup in full swing, they landed at the right time.

More info
90g sharing bag of Sensations Popcorn will be in the crisp aisle (RRP £1.59).
Twitter: @walkers_crisps and tweet #popcornsensation

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