It’s about time

Child's clockAs much as I continue to hone my multi-tasking skills (and I still believe they’ve got a lot better since I had a baby), they’re still not going to magic me any more time. This week I’ve spent a lot of time wishing I had more time.

We talked about having no time in a (great) Vonage Workshop about blogging as a business I went to yesterday (write up to follow, when I have time…) and again at work today. In fact I often seem to find myself bemoaning the lack of time with others. Strange as we all have the same 24 hour days.

I think working 4 days contributes – I know my mum, who had three of us to look after, thinks I have a lot to juggle. But probably no more than a lot of my friends – and less than some. For me not going back to work wasn’t an option and a four day week means a dedicated day with my daughter with less impact on our income overall. Plus, in my experience, you’re more involved in your company if you work four rather than three days – whether or not that’s important to you depends on your own circumstances.

So what would I do with an extra hour in my day? Aside from family time I’d do more blogging for one thing – I picked up so many good tips yesterday which left me feeling inspired and also ready to look up some of the great platforms the bloggers talked about (@emma_cossey and @rosalilium_).

Or I’d do something crafty – I’d make some more drawstring bags for Scrip’s toys, I’d make another batch of jam or marmalade, I’d put together Scrip’s homemade sandpit in our new improved garden or I’d book my sewing refresher course my husband bought me for Christmas.

In the meantime, I’ll keep chalking things up to my to do list in the hope that time feels a little more abundant soon.

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