Lovely Greek style yoghurt lollies – a review of Claudi & Fin

Claudi & Fin Lollies collageA warm week in Cornwall has given us the perfect chance to trial some lollies from new brand Claudi & Fin. Made with Greek style yoghurt, real fruit puree and enriched with vitamin D (for healthy bones), these are lollies with a difference – and they also have an interesting story behind them.

Claudi & Fin lollies were born out of Lucy Woodhouse and Meriel Kehoe’s passion for great tasting, nutritious children’s food. When they struggled to find lollies with natural, wholesome ingredients in the shops they decided to make their own. After lots of tasty trialling, Claudi & Fin (named after their children) was born.

Impressively, Lucy & Meriel then went on to beat stiff competition and win a Sainsbury’s competition, in partnership with StartUp Britain, for a 12 month contract with the supermarket. I’m a big fan of businesses that start at home – as I’ve written about before with Sew Coastal and turning blogging into a career – and their story caught my eye, as did the lovely branding and packaging.

So to the all-important taste test – in the garden, of course, after a lunch of eggs from Grandma and Grandy’s chickens. I brought the box outside to much excitement from Scrip who also seem to love the design. We tried Strawberry flavour first but also had to break out the Mango version when the adults started to show signs of lolly envy.

Scrip enjoyed hers, but being a lolly lover I thought she would. I also liked the fact it didn’t melt quickly and end up as a sticky mess all over her hands. What was more surprising was how much I liked them. I’m not a big fan of frozen yoghurt or ice cream in general, unless it’s a dessert bowl full of clotted cream and covered in chocolate fudge sauce. I tend to go for fruit juice based lollies in the summer. But I found these lovely and refreshing with none of the sharpness you sometimes get with Greek yoghurt. The flavours were very subtle and natural and not at all artificial.

They actually reminded me a bit of Mini Milks, which is meant as a compliment because they’re one children’s lolly I love! But these are 100% natural. And at only 52 (Strawberry) 56 (Mango) calories each, what’s not to enjoy? Needless to say, the 8 lollies haven’t lasted long this week.

The lolly lowdown
Claudi & Fin are on sale for £2.50 for a pack of 4 from from Sainsbury’s

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