Space saving ideas for a box room nursery

Box room nurseryWe’re off to Ikea tomorrow (wish me luck) to get some new furniture for Scrip’s room to replace the changing table (also from Ikea – it’s served us well) that we don’t really use now Peppa Pig pants have replaced Pampers. Scrip’s room is a box room so every inch of space matters and it would be good to have a bit more storage for her toys that are slowly but surely starting to spread across every room.

Although it’s a small room, it’s been perfect for her and is fine while she’s still in a cot. We do try and keep it organised and I find myself sorting and packing away

clothes pretty often, but the space fits everything she wears at the moment, some of her old clothes, her books and some toys.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of the space in a box room nursery/toddler bedroom:

High shelves – it’s worth making use of the space higher up if you can. These Ikea Ekby shelves were put up by a handyman so they’re really sturdy. The baskets are from Zara Home and Robert Dyas (small ones without lids). Using these has allowed us so much more space to store things we don’t need every day.High children's shelves

Slimline furniture – the chest of drawers is Jamestown from Mothercare. It would be lovely to have a wardrobe to hang up her pretty dresses but there’s just not the space, so this works really well. I’ve labelled all the drawers (mainly for my husband’s benefit) and all her current clothes fit in but I do have to be quite disciplined about clearing out frequently. The bookshelf’s from Tesco and it was under £30. It fits a lot in – toys, books and presents – and means Scrip can pick out books herself. The longer term plan is to paint all the furniture off white (you can spray laminate finishes first to make the paint adhere) but until then it’s fine – really practical and firmly secured to the wall.Slimline nursery furniture

Hanging on the door – we started off with hooks on the back of the door and then bought this Komplement hanger from Ikea which means we can easily hang up her coats, bulkier tops, aprons etc. which take up quite a bit of space without needing a wardrobe.Door hanging for toddler coatsUnder-cot/under-bed storage – again ours is from Ikea – where else? – and fits a lot in under what was either dead space (or somewhere bathtoys, books and the odd sock used to find their way to).BasketsBaskets, baskets, baskets – my husband thinks I’m obsessed; I’m sure I’ll buy some more tomorrow. We have them in the kitchen, bathroom and sitting room as well. But I think they’re a stylish way to keep things looking neat and because they’re textured they’re so much more pleasing to the eye than boxes. In Scrip’s room they’re mostly white but we also have a Fortnum & Mason hamper basket which she loves looking inside and a traditional picnic basket which gets carried around the house.

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