Hiding the bump: clothes that disguise your growing tummy

Telling my boss was a nerve wracking moment and I breathed a sigh of relief when my pregnancy was out in the open at work (a few people seemed to have noticed the decaf tea and the constant nibbling so it probably wasn’t the big surprise I thought it might be). But the majority of my clients still don’t know, so until they do I’m having to be pretty choosy with what I wear from Tuesday to Friday.

I’m 16 weeks with a growing bump: nothing massive but noticeable, particularly at the end of a day filled with nibbling (see above: it’s still going on). So if you’re in a similar situation, here’s what I’ve found works for me:

  • A floaty top and jeans. These and the ones below are actually maternity jeans (from H&M) but with a slightly longer tight vest top underneath, you wouldn’t know. I’ve even been wearing a thin belt at the moment (which sits below the bump) as I’m still at that funny in-between stage when nothing really fits. This top’s from French Connection and it hangs really well so that it just skims the bump.

Floaty top and trousers








  • A jacket (Whistles) with a loose silky top (Benetton). This jacket is a kind of jersey material so it has a slight stretch and it’s quite thick, so with a button done up it works well (not so well with buttons undone). The top underneath is loose and doesn’t cling.

Jacket and jeans








  • This cardigan’s from Gap and even though it’s a size ‘S’, it’s quite generous. With the buttons done up it again skims the bump and is balanced out by tighter jeans. I wear a baggy top underneath.

cardie and jeans








And what NOT to wear if you’re trying to disguise it:

  • Anything empire line – the style emphasises the bump
  • Jersey with elastyne – comfy but too clingy
  • Skirts – it’s difficult to get these to sit right at this stage
  • Control panel clothes or tights – not good for you and very uncomfortable
  • Any of your ‘thin’ clothes – pack them away for a fair few months
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2 thoughts on “Hiding the bump: clothes that disguise your growing tummy

  1. Alexis

    You’re looking good! I must say being pregnant was the only time I ever managed to achieve the ‘capsule wardrobe’ I found it quite free-ing not having too many items to choose from … not a good enough reason to have a third child though!


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