Toy-tidy: how to make a simple homemade drawstring bag

Homemade drawstring bagMine aren’t half as beautiful as Helen’s at Sew Coastal but they’re a quick way to help you tidy away toys – especially the little fiddly ones (where’s that yellow plastic hat from? Is that a rogue bath toy or one of Peppa’s endless fairground ride accessories?)

Ahead of me properly getting to grips with my sewing machine at my Sew Pretty course in a few weeks (I can’t wait), here’s how to make some drawstring bags using simple stitching and materials you should already have.

What you will need:
A canvas bag: the kind you’ve probably been given for free at some stage
A length of ribbon: shiny works best but any will do
A large-ish safety pin with which to thread the ribbon through
A needle and thread or a sewing machine and thread

How to make one:
Instructions for simple drawstring bag1. Cut the handles off where they join the bag. Turn the bag inside out.

2. Fold the top hem of the bag over on itself – it should fold over about an inch/three centimetres. Then iron the folded material in place (you can also pin it/tack it if you want to make it easier). This will be the top band of the bag.

3. Sew all the way around the bottom of your band to create a hem. Then turn the bag the right way round.

4. Decide where you want the front to be (probably the middle of one of the sides). Make two holes next to each other in the hem – ensuring you leave a space between them. Attach a large safety pin to the end of your ribbon and thread it through one of the holes and all the way around to the other side, bunching up the material to push it through with your fingers.

5. Pull the ribbon through, ensuring it’s even on both sides, then ruche the material and tie it at the front. Tie some big knots at the two ends of the ribbon to stop them from being pulled all the way through. Ta dah! It’s all done. Now quickly stuff full of miniature plastic toys, pretend fruit and veg and all of Peppa’s fairground accessories.

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2 thoughts on “Toy-tidy: how to make a simple homemade drawstring bag

  1. Louise

    Love this idea – some little ones of this would be very useful for some of the small bits that go with various toys – will have to give this a try! 🙂


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