Sport for toddlers: the brilliant Playball

Playball classBack in the summer (remember that? Light-filled evenings, radiators at rest, general feeling of positivity in the air?) I wrote about my daughter’s new favourite activity for the fab West London Mum. After a free trial which she thoroughly enjoyed, we signed Scrip up to a term of Playball.

It’s a 25 year old activity, originally from South Africa, but it was new to me until a few months ago. It’s designed to combine and promote key skills needed in all ball sports – flexibility, coordination, agility and also confidence. Scrip’s played and loved football for a few terms at Little Foxes but this seemed to be a lot broader and offer the best of all worlds.

Sessions are one hour long for three to nine year olds and 45 minutes for two to three year olds, which I like as I always feel an hour is such a long time at her age. I also applaud the ambition for sessions to be taught by the supervisors and for parents to stay on the sidelines where possible – something that not all toddler classes offer but that I’ve found helps Scrip get the best from any activity.

Classes are run across London from Battersea to Chelsea to Acton and in wintery times tend to be held indoors. Scrip still loves it and proudly tells me about the games they’ve played every Tuesday evening. And the Playball mascot hand stamp is always a winner.

Here’s my full write up for West London Mum. Please excuse the sunny images 😉

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