Natural baby skincare: the Mustela range

Mustela productsI’m getting myself into the baby zone again. It’s a very different zone to the toddler one – or even the one year old one. Baby time is counted in weeks – not months, not years – and everything changes so quickly. I do worry if I’ll remember things, if it will all come flooding back (during a sleep-deprived 3am feed?) or if I’ll find myself Googling things frantically (probably during the subsequent feed at 4.30am).

So, having passed the half way stage and moving into my six month, I’m starting to remind myself, gently. An invite from Mustela to experience their baby skincare range couldn’t have come at a better time. Especially not as it included a session on baby massage with a specialist physio (I never did massage with Scrip but it could be an option for some nice bonding time with number two).

Described to me as the French Johnsons & Johnsons, but slightly more chiq (bien sur), Mustela has been sold in independent chemists in the UK for a few months now. The first thing you notice about it is the smell – it’s a gorgeous, fresh, bathed baby wrapped up in a fluffy white towel kind of scent. The way you imagine babies always smell before you actually have one…

And the second thing was the fact it was made from 99% natural ingredients with no parabens. Standing in front of the baby products in Boots it’s often a mental struggle for me between wanting to put the very best on my little one’s skin and the 2 for 1 offers that I can buy in bulk and use for a few months. I do try and go organic but sometimes the budget wins out. Mustela is in between the ridiculously premium ranges and the cheapest own brands.

The Mustela range is also pretty broad – from hair and body wash to suncream and they also do maternity products. For the baby massage the physio used the Mustela oil, which is perfect for all baby skin types, even sensitive ones. He was very good and explained clearly everything he was doing and how it was designed to help with digestion in particular. But who knows if I’ll remember everything in that hazy, sleep-hungry state I’ll be in in the first few months.

Thank you, Mustela, for introducing me to the range. I’ve now got my starter pack primed and ready to go for number two.

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