Who really inspires you?

MmWho inspires you? That was a question I was asked this week. Specifically, which amazing women inspire you? Everything would be much tougher without inspiration and many women inspire me – from female politicians (yes, some of them really do, to my colleagues’ surprise), charity workers, talented women in all walks of life, hard grafters, women in the hardest circumstances. I draw inspiration from them all.

But the first thought that came to mind was my mum. She’s worked hard throughout her life and has achieved so much. From a working class background she became head girl at her grammar school and then went on to study at Oxford University (after also being offered a place at Cambridge) – an amazing achievement. She became a brilliant, natural teacher (many times I’ve thought I would like to follow in her footsteps) and then a great headmistress.

She’s passionate about history and instills that passion in others, and has always been creative – most recently writing children’s stories for our local museum and painting lovely watercolours. Now retired she’s studied French and Italian, acing her A-levels in both.

Family has always been an important part of her life and she’s supportive and loving without being overbearing. She’s also a wonderful Grandma. In short, I’ve learnt so much from her and my father, about life in general, about marriage and more recently, about mothering. She’s an inspiration – and I hope my daughter feels at least some of what I feel for my mum, for me, in time.

The brand I was asked by was Atterley Road, the up and coming fashion brand and retailer, whose clothes are simple and elegant. Definitely my style, as soon as I’m back to my normal self again! They’re running a #ARWOMAN campaign. Their goal is to get women openly celebrating other women, which is something I wholeheartedly support.

So who do you think is worthy of the #ARWOMAN hashtag? They’d love to see your picture of an inspirational woman on Instagram, tagging Atterley Road and using #ARWOMAN and maybe nominating Instagram friends to do the same.

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4 thoughts on “Who really inspires you?

  1. moderndadpages

    Good post! Although I am not sure who inspires me? If I think about it, what I do is all self driven by things I want to be or do! So maybe I inspire myself? That may sound a little weird! lol

      1. moderndadpages

        Well my best writing comes when I write from my heart, so when I find something I am passionate about I blog it! I haven’t actually been blogging very long myself! Just since the start of September 2014, so I am still as my son’s would say a “noob”! lol

  2. newmumblings

    Yes – agreed. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years but as I only tend to do it once a week I feel like a newbie in some ways as well. But I love it. Will make sure I follow you 🙂


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