Six reasons my phone is my best parenting buddy

Phone apps for parentingThis isn’t about using your phone as a substitute babysitter (although it can come in handy – especially when you need to entertain your toddler for what could be a while in a quiet waiting room). This is because I realised the other day how much my phone had become not just my lifeline to the outside world but also my parenting hotline.

Here are my favourite ‘parenting’ apps that I come back to again and again.

Lifecake – this is where I share all of the best bits of life with Scrip (photos and video) with close friends and family. I reviewed Lifecake when it first came out and have recommended it numerous times. You get a certain amount of storage for free and can then choose to upgrade. I love the fact it’s private and that important people who you don’t see all the time can quickly share in and comment on moments and memories.

Baby and Child First Aid – this has been invaluable – quick, easily accessible advice for injuries, burns, fevers etc. This one’s by the British Red Cross. I also wrote a review of the advice on choking by St John Ambulance recently.

My Baby’s Beat – in the three years since I’ve had Scrip things have moved on a lot – you certainly couldn’t hear your baby’s heartbeat with a smartphone back then. I love this app – it’s quite reassuring to listen to your baby whenever you want without any microphones or attachments (although it’s clearest in the last trimester). You can also record and share recordings. Don’t forget to turn it onto airplane mode for safety.

The Bump Pregnancy – I used this last time around to check on the weekly updates (your baby’s the size of a marrow etc.) But now it includes short weekly videos, which is a great way to keep track of things and for both me and my husband to focus on the baby together in the way that it’s much more difficult to do with a toddler in tow. Also good is I’m expecting.

Pinterest – not a new discovery for most people but such a handy way to keep your random children’s present ideas, party games, projects, decor and even to do lists together in one handy place. So good for inspiration and so easy to share boards.

Phone4Kids – no list would be complete without a little distraction app. This has been great for a few years now – in fact ever since Scrip learnt to use the iPhone many months (OK, years…) ago. There’s a lot packed into this little app and if you can get over the annoying accents it’s helped her with days of the week, numbers, letters, seasons and how to catch 10 presents off Santa’s sleigh (all important life skills).

What apps would you add to the list? I’d love to get some more suggestions to fill up my iPhone.

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