Waiting, waiting – six ways to cope with being overdue

Pregnant overdueSecond babies – they’re never as late as first ones, are they? That seemed to be the general consensus. That and how quickly it could all happen once it started (music to my ears since my first experience was six days of pre-labour contractions). No one seemed to disagree. That is until my last midwife appointment, when she asked how late my first was (10 days). She replied ‘get ready for some waiting – usually the second follows the same pattern’.

And only then it dawned on me – of course it could do. I could still be waiting another week. Or even longer! And, like with so many life events, we have pretty much no control over when it’s going to start.

So here I am, 4 days over and trying not to dwell (despite the blog post). I’m even enjoying trialling most of the natural ways to bring on labour (though none of them have done much so far, apart from maybe increasing the intensity of Braxton Hicks). I love pineapple (but haven’t managed all seven of them recommended in one sitting), have developed a taste for raspberry leaf tea, enjoy curry (despite the predictable Gaviscon chaser), had a lovely sunny, long (slow) walk yesterday and I won’t go into anything else I’ve tried here 😉

The silly thing is that logically, I know that the baby will come out eventually and certainly this month. I know that most of the big things I’ve needed to do pre-baby have been done, so really there shouldn’t be any pressure on me. And I’m lucky enough to have some time to myself while Scrip is in childcare and the weather is getting nicer and warmer so I shouldn’t feel cooped up indoors.

But there’s a peculiar feeling and frustration that comes with being overdue that I remember so well from last time and I can feel creeping back. Also the longer I go on, the more worried I am about my pre-eclampsia coming back (discovered at 41 + 3 last time) and I want to keep my mind off that. So here’s my plan for passing the time now I’m overdue – let’s hope it works for me:

Do a bit of pottering in the garden. I love being outside even in our tiny yard and now’s a good time to sow a few summery seeds and plant some bulbs – but I won’t be tempted to do the heavy work as my SPD is still there and now’s really not the time to hurt my back.

Meet up with local friends who are also off. I will encourage them over this way as I’m at my heaviest now and it’s not easy to travel too far. But it will be lovely to see anyone who has some time when they’re on mat leave or can break for a quick coffee if they’re working from home. Even without Scrip we have so many toys here that I’m sure we could entertain any children whilst we have a decaf tea.

Do some easy cooking. The freezer’s groaning with meals I prepared when I had more energy, so this is about some things we can eat this week, like easy Patatas Bravas (there’s a blog post in that). And I can take the cooking a bit more slowly as time is one thing I seem to have a lot of!

Line up some blog posts. When I was working four days I aimed for a post a week. I’ve been trying for at least two a week since I’ve been on maternity leave. Still not exactly flooding it with content but keeping the momentum going. I’m sure I won’t be blogging much when I’m nursing a newborn. I can also browse other blogs and even do some Linkys which I never have the chance to do usually. Also take my time over my blog pictures at PicMonkey.

Practise my hynobirthing exercises. Another blog post I’ve got planned – I loved my hypnobirthing classes. We did it with Alex at Heath Hypnotherapy and it was really interesting and has been helpful (so far). I feel more prepared and much less scared. Also more determined. It’s an investment, but I’d recommend it if you can. If you’re in London she offers free trials at Kew Retail Park so you can see what it’s like.

Enjoy a bit of daytime TV. I thought I’d be doing a lot of this but I’ve hardly done it at all – mainly because being at home a lot I keep on seeing small jobs I should be doing. But today at least, This Morning beckons.

I’d love to hear how anyone else is passing the time or passed the time when overdue. Any ideas welcome!

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