50 things that make me happy

I love a happy post so a big thank you to Sophie at M, Mum & More for tagging me on this one! Great idea – particularly as I sit here on a lovely sunny day with some time to write πŸ™‚

Here are my 50 things (random order):


  1. My little girl Scrip
  2. Thinking about my new baby
  3. My husband
  4. My family
  5. A lovely cuppa
  6. Sunshine
  7. Good friends
  8. Homemade cakes
  9. New photos on my walls
  10. Clean sheets
  11. Bright blue skies
  12. Open windows
  13. Cornwall
  14. My husband’s poached eggs
  15. Early morning holiday flights
  16. A creamy flat white
  17. A lovely glass of wine
  18. The smell of clean baby clothes
  19. Spring blossom
  20. A cool bottle of beer
  21. My family coming to stay
  22. A tidy room
  23. A nice haircut
  24. A new magazine
  25. Swimming in an empty pool
  26. Weekend brunch
  27. Weddings
  28. Pimms
  29. Gardening
  30. New puppies
  31. Birdsong
  32. Memories of Topper
  33. Collecting eggs from chickens
  34. The smell of the sea
  35. Sparkler ice lollies
  36. Veggie spag bol
  37. Foreign holidays
  38. Spending a day on the beach
  39. Kittens
  40. Reading a great book
  41. Tidy eyebrows
  42. Shopping
  43. Mushrooms on toast
  44. Writing
  45. A good work review
  46. Picnics on sunny days
  47. Christmas morning
  48. Seeing an old friend
  49. Scented candles
  50. A bubble bath

And I could go on. Summer seems to be my season!

I tag:

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Β Would love to hear the 50 things that make you happy! πŸ™‚

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