101 things you can do with a baby carrier

 I’m writing sitting in the garden. It’s 8.47am and already warm. It’s looking like a beautiful day. Little D is snoring gently in the baby carrier and I’ve just been watering the garden: something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do today. But with a bit of careful manoeuvring and a few yogic positions (the garden’s pretty cramped) I soaked the roses and gently sprinkled the sweet peas.

I love the baby carrier. This one’s an Ergo 360 and was a present from my mum from the Baby Show earlier this year (thanks to Emma’s Diary for the tickets). Much as D seems a bit calmer than Scrip was at his age and will actually sit for a few minutes in the bouncer (the Baby Bjorn is the best) he won’t happily stay for long enough for me to do too much. Maybe in time. But in the meantime I’ve been more confident this time round with popping him in the carrier when I need to get things done. Here’s what I’ve discovered you can do with a carrier and a five week old:

  • Make a cup of tea (only if really needed and keeping kettles far away from him)
  • Give a toddler a bath
  • Get a toddler dressed (socks are the hardest on an angle)
  • Blog (on my phone – just discovering this one)
  • Nursery pick ups and drop offs
  • Push swings (again…and again)
  • Chase a toddler (mock running – a bit Benny Hill)
  • Power walk to try and shed those baby pounds
  • Make lunch (side on)
  • Eat cereal (tricky with the milk)
  • Sit in the garden (not too strenuous, this one)
  • Wind the baby
  • Feed (apparently – not sure my body is quite made for this one…)
  • Make calls about those endless appointments
  • Watch TV (when it all gets a bit too active Frasier is my favourite)
  • Water the garden

(Ok that’s not quite 101 but it’s only been five weeks…)

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