My perfect writing space

Six months into my maternity leave I can safely say my work at home is very different to (and quite a bit more hands on than) my office job. As baby D gets into more of a routine, I’m starting to carve out time and a space to do my own thing at home and that’s mainly writing and blogging.

As I do a lot of it on my iPhone my ‘desk’ is pretty portable. We did buy an actual desk for either of us to use when working from home but we both still tend to gravitate towards the kitchen table. Our kitchen is light and airy and I love having a view when I type.

I can’t say I’m the tidiest person (ahem – read organised clutter) but I do find that a good clear out helps me work and think better and I love looking up at pictures and family photos on the walls.

Furniture at Work recently surveyed people on their own desks and here are the full results. Stress balls, pictures and the right lighting – does any of this ring true with your desk space?


In collaboration with and infographic supplied by Furniture at Work

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