Trying out Heavenly Organics Coconut Squishies

Coconut SquishiesThese should be called Coconut Smoothies according to Scrip, who now asks for one as soon as she catches sight of them. I’m pleased to say my 6 month old enjoys them just as much. They’re the latest baby feeding range from Heavenly Organics – I wrote about their Wafer Wisps last year which were also a crowd pleaser.

These are pouches – a very familiar and handy format for parents – containing a blend of coconut milk, organic fruit, a bit of lemon juice and added calcium. Each pack provides one portion of the famous ‘five a day’.

It’s interesting to see coconut milk in children’s food – it’s certainly been popular with adults over the last few years. It’s rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and is lactose free, so good for allergies or intolerances. And I have to admit, I had a try and thought the banana, apple and strawberry in particular was pretty tasty – shades of a virgin pina colada!

I also like its consistency – not too runny and a good first food. So another pouch to add to the weaning repertoire. I do promise I’ll get round to making my own delicious weaning foods soon…

Heavenly Coconut Squishies are now available from Ocado at £3.00 for a pack of four 90g pouches and £1.00 for an individual 90g pouch. They come in two flavours:

* Banana, apple, mango – and coconut milk
* Banana, apple, strawberry – and coconut milk

Shauna Blair, a mum of three and a lover of organic food, created the Heavenly range in response to the limited range of healthy, organic baby food in her native Northern Ireland. Her children also have allergies so her range bears this in mind.

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