Hornits, nom noms and Tractor Ted – Family Playtime

Talk to Mums CollageIt’s not every day you get to create lanterns with Art Attack’s Lloyd Warbey, have a snowball fight, a face paint and round it all off by doing the monster mash. Welcome to Family Playtime from Talk to Mums – a chance for 3 year old Scrip to indulge in some serious playing and for my husband and I (and baby D) to get to know some new products and companies.

Scrip loved it and amazingly still had enough energy to scoot around North London afterwards, and we found it really interesting. Here are a few of our highlights:

Trying out the Mini Hornit children’s horn – perfect for scooters or bikes this has over 20 different sounds (including some crowd-pleasing body ones) and 5 different light settings (good for these darker evenings). It attaches simply and quickly and comes in a rainbow of colour options. At £15 this would make a great present.

Tasting new NomNoms – a range of healthy world food meals for both children and adults. I love the idea of encouraging the children to taste a range of food and these use herbs and spices as seasoning rather than added salt, sugar or preservatives. The five meals in the range are a Tiny Tagine, Little Laksa, Tiny Thali and two Tiny Tiffins. And the interesting thing is that they’ve created both a child and adult version of the same meal, which plays to another food rule of eating together and eating the same thing (the adults get an extra spice or masala pack if they want to add even more flavour). Scrip happily tucked into a tagine at the same time as me. They’re available from Ocado.com

If you’ve had a little wannabe farmer in your lives you’ll have heard of Tractor Ted. The books have gone down very well as presents in the past. Tractor Ted introduces children to the farming world and features harvest time, sowing the fields, rearing livestock and so on. But unlike many children’s programmes, Tractor Ted uses real life farming footage with Ted being the only animation. They’ve recently had some successful regional cinema screenings which they may continue into next year.

Kinnerton Chocolate was particularly popular with all the family! They make character chocolate and are the only brand in the UK who can guarantee some of these to be completely nut free – great for parties. There were some favourite characters like Frozen and Peppa Pig and some advent calendars (is it that time already?!)

Crystal Holidays were there talking about their family ski holidays. We used to go regularly but haven’t been for the last few years, for obvious reasons! It was good to get some info about what might be available – including childcare and the best places to go. I also like their Family Guide to the Mountain which has everything you’d need to know, even for complete beginners.

We also heard about the Good Toy Guide which suggests the best toys to promote children’s development. It was really interesting and Scrip quickly got to work on some puzzles – the kind of thing she obviously enjoyed but I wouldn’t ordinarily think about buying. It was a good reminder to be open minded.

We also met Homesense, Indigo Face Painting and Return to Glory. Thanks Talk to Mums for a fab, fun-filled day!

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2 thoughts on “Hornits, nom noms and Tractor Ted – Family Playtime

  1. Liska @NewMumOnline

    It was an absolutely fabulous event wasn’t it. Lovely brands, great venue and so so so so very much for our kids to do. So glad I made the effort to attend. Nice meeting you.
    Liska @NewMumOnline


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