Mini Afternoon Tea at Reform Social & Grill

Mini Afternoon TeaWith a special trip into central London and a date with her Aunty, this was always going to be a popular way to spend an afternoon (a set of Frozen jewellery even made an appearance). But the children’s afternoon tea at the Reform Social & Grill (part of the Mandeville Hotel) was certainly a real hit with Scrip.

We’ve been for afternoon tea before as a family and she has enjoyed sharing some of our sandwiches and cakes (what’s not to like?). But this was her own meal, perfectly presented and carefully designed around what children really love to eat.

While my sister and I were enjoying a champagne tea (well, why not?) Scrip was served with her own tin lunchbox (a nice touch as she loved opening it up for the big reveal) filled with goodies. These included fish finger and sweet ketchup and smooth peanut butter and homemade jam sandwiches; BBQ chicken slider; fruit and chocolate chip scone; chocolate and marshmallow lollipop; jelly and custard pot and a Reform jammy dodger with cream. And instead of tea she had strawberry milk with a gingerbread man dipper.

We went at the end of the day so that she would be hungry, and she was. But I have to say with so many sweet things on offer she only wanted a few bites of the sandwiches before moving on to everything else. So watch out for that if you go! Not to mention her preoccupation with ensuring her Frozen ring, necklace and bracelet were all on correctly.

She reported that she enjoyed everything although I’d say the gingerbread dipper was a firm favourite. We liked all of ours, too. Everything felt freshly prepared and tasted good.

We had a booth, which was comfy and accommodated a pre-schooler and a baby well. The atmosphere was relaxed and not too formal although the lights did go down a bit later (we arrived at 5pm) when it became more of a grown up occasion.

We ended up taking a doggy bag home, which didn’t last for long. For a meal out we’d usually opt for a known crowd-pleaser like Pizza Express but this was a real treat for all of us and one I’d repeat (Frozen ring, necklace and bracelet in place).

Thank you for our tea!
Mini Afternoon tea at Reform Social & Grill costs £12.50 and is available Mon – Fri 3pm – 5.30pm, Sat 12pm – 5pm and Sun 12pm – 5.30pm
Reform Social & Grill, Mandeville Hotel, Mandeville Place, London. W1U 2BE
0207 224 1624

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