Driving (me crazy) – on the road again

DrivingWith wet winter weather closing in, when I’m struggling to please both the little ones I sometimes bundle them into the car for a bit of a drive. We may only end up at a big supermarket or a garden centre slightly out of the way, but I find the drive calms them down a bit (particularly if I relent and let Scrip’s tunes blare out) and also gives me a bit of headspace.

Travelling to Cornwall every few months and Kent a bit more frequently they’ve both got used to longish drives, and luckily neither has been sick (so far). We play eye spy with Scrip and baby D seems content looking out of the window or dozing, as long as we have regular breaks.

Before children we used to use Streetcar (now Zipcar) and hire a car nearby only when absolutely needed. Living in London and surrounded by trains, tubes and buses it seemed a bit of an indulgence to have one parked outside that we may only use every now and again. But when I was heavily pregnant with Scrip we decided to make the investment and our car has done us proud, four years, two children and countless trips to Homebase and Ikea later.

I think about driving safety a lot and we always keep our car serviced, have AA membership and carry emergency kits with us. I’m now a dab hand at checking the tyre pressure whilst stopping two small children from screaming the car down, but apart from that, I hadn’t thought a lot about tyres.

Then Point S got in touch talking about tyre safety and how it contributes to more than 1200 road accidents each year. Also how driving with defective tyres can mean penalties of up to £2500 plus three points on your licence. So not something to be ignored.

If you’re looking for car tyres in the capital it’s worth checking Point S. The website has the top brands available at the best prices to be booked online along with a tyre fitting appointment from one of the over 200 centres in the country.

Do stay safe when driving this winter and if yours are anything like mine (specifically the eldest), make sure you don’t set off without your CD stack including the classics like ‘Songs about Moving’…

Post created in collaboration.

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