27 random things babies like

Things babies likeBaby D has reached seven months. He’s starting to sit on his own (but still prefers lying down), is having much more fun splashing in the bath and loves his nursery rhymes. He’s also started to play a little growling game – where he growls and I growl a reply and he growls back and so on. Hours of fun.

Although I keep being told not to compare my big baby and my little one, I have noticed that Scrip liked a lot of the same things at his age. And they’re mostly random. Here’s a snaphot:

  1. Pigeons
  2. Chewing paper
  3. Bubbles
  4. Winding the Bobbin Up
  5. Pulling socks off
  6. TV news graphics
  7. iPhones
  8. iPads
  9. i-anythings
  10. Balls
  11. Ella’s Kitchen
  12. Staring at older children
  13. Glasses on people’s faces
  14. Glasses to drink out of
  15. Chewing baby spoons
  16. Sucking tea spoons
  17. Swings
  18. The Jumperoo
  19. Mirrors
  20. String
  21. Hair
  22. Earrings
  23. Bracelets
  24. Calpol
  25. Calpol syringes
  26. Peepo
  27. Empty baby wipe packets

And five things they definitely don’t:

  1. Putting tops on
  2. The end of bath time
  3. Leaving arms to go into pushchairs or carseats
  4. Hats
  5. Courgette
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