Guest post: John Lewis Spring Summer 2016 Trend preview

John Lewis trendsMy sister and Aunty extraordinaire was lucky enough to preview John Lewis’ Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Here she’s picked her favourites for Scrip (3 years old) and D (7 months) before they hit the stores. There are a lot of cute animals in here – you have been warned.

Just as I was thinking it could be time to let myself feel a little bit Christmassy, along comes the John Lewis Spring Summer 2016 Trend event, and a chance to skip over the next few months of chilliness and see what styles Scrip and Little D could be sporting when the sun shines again.

First up here’s a classic dog walking a dinosaur on a lead t-shirt. Oh – and they’re on their way to the museum.


You might look at this and think… nightmare to wash – but imagine how it will look for the first ten – okay, five – minutes of wear! And that’s a pantaloon suit hidden behind…

John Lewis Spring Summer 2016 trends

John Lewis Spring Summer 2016 trends

These have to be one of Little D’s first pairs of shoes please sis – imagine him looking down and seeing such happy lions on his feet 🙂


Cheeky seagulls on a nautically-striped dress – perfect for Cornwall (especially with those long sleeves for chilly pre-summer days)


And talking about summer – here’s an essential – and if you need to wear wellies why not choose to wear ones with sharks’ tails on the back…


Pull on a tutu, and you’re ready for anything, is a life-motto I’m happy to pass onto Scrip. And if it’s a goldy-peachy-sparkly tutu, the sky is the limit! Don’t be surprised if this ends up underneath a certain Christmas tree this year.


Very French, in my view – and perfect for our next family holiday, wherever it may take us!


Watch out, zebras crossing! And they look very stylish doing it… as will Little D when he wears this number.

John Lewis Spring Summer 2015 trends

And finally… feast your eyes on this amazing fluff-tastic dream of a dress. Warm enough to wear now over jeans or leggings, cool enough to wear FOREVER. Oh, and it goes up to a very stretchy age 14. Just saying!


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