Clean out of patience with spring cleaning

Greener cleanerI had a cleaner before we moved. Most of my friends in London have cleaners and our new tenants (who are at least a decade younger) quickly asked for my cleaner’s details. My cleaner also became a friend. I looked forward to Natasha coming for more than just making my home sparkle – we always had a nice chat, sometimes shared a coffee and baby D LOVED her.

Now I have a bigger space to clean, a few months’ worth of dust from an uninhabited houseĀ  and unfortunately no more inclination to clean than I had before. I know I need to (or we need to, but I’m at home more at the moment so I’m the default) and I like a clean and safe house. But it’s not something I relish.

It’s a daily task – especially with two children – and I like speedy cleans but I also like good cleans. I usually lean towards products that promise to banish everything quickly (and, probably, chemically). I like the idea of eco and more responsible cleaning, but are cleaning products that do good, actually good?

Well it turns out they can be. I was given some Greener Cleaner products to try – all made with sustainable ingredients and packaging and all chemical free. Here’s what I thought:

  • The Eco-Flek dustpan and brush, scrubbing brush and dishbrush look like my plastic ones but are actually made of sustainable wood pulp and recycled plastic. A great idea and not too expensive. I’ve never had a scrubbing brush before but it was great for jobs like getting grout on tiles clean and getting rid of paint residue.
  • I loved the glass cloths that you use with just water. They were brilliant, quick and left windows smear free (but used quite a bit of elbow grease). The microfibre were also good but I already use these to polish.
  • The eco Limescale Remover was a revelation. It used Eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients to cut through limescale and grease in the new house. It worked as well as my usual commercial ones.
  • I’m also using my squeegee every day. Do that and you can keep surfaces smear-free with no need for shower or tile cleaners.

The verdict? I’m an eco convert. Maybe I’m late to the sustainable party but I was really impressed. I might not be changing everything in my home straight away but I will be using these products again.

Thank you Greener Cleaner for sending me these to trial.


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