Shhhh – 7 secret benefits of children growing up

Kids growing upThe last day of my eldest being three. For the first time, I want to press pause. I’ve loved seeing her grow and develop and now she’s a mini person with her own personality shining through. She’s a buddy when we spend time together – until an irrational tantrum strikes. And she’s a real help with Baby D. I don’t want her to be a schoolgirl just yet.

But she’s excited about growing up and I’ve got to embrace it. After all, we have no choice. Instead, with Baby D himself heading towards the ripe old age of one I’ve been thinking about the kind of benefits of babies and children growing up that you wouldn’t necessarily share on

  1. They start appreciating TV! Baby D watches more than his sister did, just because he’s with her a lot more. I caught him engaged in Peppa the other day. Hooray! (Obviously one for him to enjoy in between all the baby dance and movement, baby concert piano and baby Olympic swimming we fill our days with…)
  2. A box of raisins will keep them busy for a fair few minutes. All those tiny, sweet morsels. And then there’s the box to play with.
  3. You can tempt them to go for educational nature walks with the promise of muddy puddles.
  4. Play dates with proper friends give you a break and someone else to make you a cup of (hot) coffee, provided you don’t spend your whole time saying ‘gentle’, ‘gentle’ as they discover your friend’s cat.
  5. They master the word ‘babycino’ and artisan coffee shops are once again a part of your world.
  6. Nursery rhymes are the magic formula for the car, but you may have to sing along in ‘comedy’ voices if yours are anything like mine.
  7. Eventually they start scooting. Then you can actually get somewhere in adult time rather than allowing an extra 20 minutes for a ‘5 minute’ trip to the shops.

Any more to add? Promise I won’t tell.

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