On the eve of my little girl going to school

Going to school


Tonight you let me wash your hair
No fuss, as if the water wasn’t there
You dried yourself and put nightclothes on
Tolerated the toddler’s evening fun
You chose two stories and patiently waited
You spelt out some words, really concentrated
Then I kissed my little girl goodnight
Set the gro-clock, turned off the light
And closed the door on our life so far
Four and half years of my biggest star.

You’re excited, apprehensive, keen to start
I echo your feelings, but there’s also a part
That can’t let that eager little one go
Feeling sadness I’m trying not to show
School’s like a marker, a new path we must find
And I’m worried we’ll leave a little bit behind
I know you must learn, and change and grow
The journey’s exciting and there’s a long way to go
But in a way I suppose you’ll always be
My bright, loving baby, indefinitely.



Mummy Times Two
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6 thoughts on “On the eve of my little girl going to school

  1. Mummy Times Two

    This brought tears to my eyes. An utterly beautiful poem, and one that I defy any mum who has had their child’s first day at school not to relate to. My oldest is nine now, but I still remember that feeling of letting her go that first day. You are an incredibly talented poem, I think I’m going to find myself drawn back to your blog again and again. Thank you so much for linking up with #PostsFromTheHeart so I could discover them.

  2. Becci - The UnNatural Mother

    I was heart broken when my son went to school as it meant the end of my maternity leave with baby No2 and the 1st real marker of him not being a toddler anymore.I hope the 1st term went well for you and your daughter has settled in#PostsFromTheHeart


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