Dino Fingerlings – uncovering Untamed Raptors

Untamed Raptor reviewIt’s funny to think that even now, years after Mr Frosty and A La Carte Kitchen made it on to my Christmas and birthday lists, there are still fads and must-have toys causing a ripple in the playground. I have to say that now as a parent, I’m not always the first to react to the latest craze, as I know it’s usually cards to collect one minute, spinning toys the next… But the Untamed Raptors from Fingerling were something I knew both 6 year old and 3 year old would enjoy.

Like the Fingerling monkeys before him (or her), this is a little toy with a lot of personality. Perched on your finger (or thumb if you have particularly little fingers), it quickly comes to life but rather than just being cheeky and cheery, you can actually control how the Raptor reacts to you.

You can choose to pet it, making it coo or hum, or, if you’re feeling more mischievous, shake it, making it angry, snarling and gnashing its tiny teeth. This reaction did actually scare and excite D in equal measure: to be fair these toys are not officially designed for three year olds!

But I couldn’t have denied D the joy and excitement of unwrapping the Raptor when we received it through the post. I put his reaction on my Instagram stories. He couldn’t believe he was allowed to play with it first! And Scrip loved it, too, when he let her have a try (much) later.

There are four Raptors to choose from with suitably carnivorous-sounding names: Fury, Blaze, Stealth, and Razor. These little interactive creatures react to touch, motion, and sound and make over 40 different sounds and animations. So there’s a lot of variety and the fun definitely lasts for a while. The only downside is that Scrip has now started asking for a Fingerling Monkey once more to make up the set…

Untamed Raptors are £16.99 from toy shops but we were treated to one for review – thank you. For more about the range visit the Untamed website.

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