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Half way through: a second pregnancy

Half way through pregnancyHalf way there – in fact, just over half way. The bump is discernible, the aches and pains are back but my taste for coffee still isn’t. Even though I can see and feel all of that – not to mention tiny kicks and punches even as I type – I still can’t quite believe it’s real. We’re going to be a family of four and one of those is going to be a tiny baby. Wow.

In some ways things are very familiar, and in some ways there are surprises. This is what I’ve found so far, second time around: Continue reading

Tube baby: a baby on board

This isn’t my badge, I can say quickly. Not just yet – one toddling, exploring, mischievous little scrap is enough for us at the moment. No – but one of my friends did recently announce her pregnancy to the world of Facebook like that (funny how posting something on social media now makes it ‘official’).


Anyway, I think the badge is a great idea – not just as a shorthand for telling the world but as a real prompt for commuters. The Duchess of Cambridge has just been presented with her badge – and I’m really pleased. Not because she’ll be using it day-to-day – I shouldn’t imagine she has much need to catch the Piccadilly line from Green Park on the way home from the in-laws’ – but because the more people that know about the badge, the better. Continue reading