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How to make nanny sharing work

I’m always a little defensive when people ask about my childcare. I always emphasise the ‘share’ in my ‘nanny share’, and tell them how in London, nurseries cost just as much (which is true) and that Scrip felt quite little to be left with lots of others when I went back to work. The truth is, I’m very happy with our arrangementsĀ  and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

IMG_3289It was actually my employer who first suggested a nanny share – ironic considering what difficulties followed with work, but that’s another story. She’d had one a few years before and it worked well. So, during my pregnancy I ignored the “put her name down for nursery after the 20 week scan or else” scaremongering and we decided to considering sharing.

It’s been fantastic – our little ones get on so well and they learn a lot from each other. I’m sure it’s helped with their development. They both crawled and then walked at very similar times, and they now play together, eat together and even hold hands every now and again (very sweet).

I’m sure we’ve been lucky – and it helps that our nanny is fantastic – but we’ve also learnt a lot inthe process. Here are some nanny share tips to help along the way: Continue reading

The Surest Start

Before I had Scrip, I’d heard of Sure Start or Children’s Centres in passing – mostly with the tagline of ‘New Labour initiative’ – but other than vaguely thinking they were a good thing, I didn’t know much about them. Now I think they’re an essential part of British parenting.

Children’s Centres have personally helped me – I’ve been to breastfeeding drop in sessions in a couple of different ones in my borough, which supported me in a way that no website or doctor’s appointment could have – as well as new parenting sessions, which gave an extra level of reassurance when I needed it most. I’ve also been to play sessions and many of my friends have taken advantage of baby yoga and baby massage.


In a world of fluffy, expensive, private Gymboree-type classes, Children’s Centres offer all sorts of simple sessions for free – from an introduction to nutrition to reading, speech and stay and play.

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