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Our own LFW: a sneak preview of Little White Company Autumn/Winter 2013

Little White Company ToysThis time last week I was browsing neat rails of lovely pastel knits and pretty florals. All in tiny sizes. I love shopping at the White Company – it’s such a sensory experience, with their chunky woollens, crisp fragrances and stylish homeware, all set off by whitewashed backdrops. I’ve re-discovered the Little White Company since having Scrip – it has all the quality of its parent store in miniature, plus a good range of good quality toys and books.

So I was delighted to be invited to a private view of the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. And I was even more pleased when Continue reading

The ABC of a first Christmas


A is for ‘all’
As in ‘all together’ for a lovely family Christmas and ‘Having it all’, as Scrip’s present count was ridiculously high. So much so that we reached bedtime and still had a wide range of colourfully wrapped boxes under the tree. There was I, rushing around Westfield the week before Christmas, panicking that I hadn’t bought her enough, when I could have actually just picked up a bag of satsumas and we still would have filled a car with her haul. The ‘all together’ bit was the best, though. I couldn’t have wished for more.

B is for ‘bubbles’
Not particularly festive but it was Scrip’s first proper word, recently uttered, and it’s led to lots of others – although maybe we’re imagining some. So far various family members have claimed to witness her attempts at ‘paper’, ‘bird’ and ‘Grandma’. If she did say the last one, in particular, she’s made someone special very happy.

C is for ‘carols
Actually, not just carols but songs in general have been a major Christmas hit. Now that Scrip’s clapping has been perfected, any music – from the sugary children’s songs I bought on my mad shopping dash to the theme for Desert Island Discs – prompts a smile, a clap and a bounce. And sometimes even a ‘sing’ along.

As we prepare to brave Scrip’s first post-Christmas sales, and I reflect on the merriest of first Christmases, I could have written a whole alphabet of happy memories.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

It’s here, with all its festive jingles, glittery tinsel and sparkly lights. Not to mention midnight masses and harmonious carols. I’m certainly getting into the spirit – I had a lovely evening at Regent’s Park on Monday listening to some beautiful Christmas songs sung by some amazing singers. And much as I thought it would be just another season for Scrip, passing her by in much the same way our first summer holiday and first Autumn walk did, she actually seems to be taking note. The baubles are a frequent source of wonder and the advent calendar is better than any pop up book.


I won’t be rushing out buying mammoth lists of toys and games and helping her write a letter to Santa just yet, but we’ve agreed she would actually like a stocking and a few bits and pieces wrapped up in tissue to open on Christmas morning. Not to mention a satsuma or two, which randomly seem to be a good teething aid (provided by Abel and Cole, of course…)

I can’t wait for the break – to spend more time with her and equally to be able to let other people enjoy time with her too. And for her to see both sets of grandparents – particularly my dad (or ‘Grandy’, as we affectionately call him, repeatedly) who hasn’t seen her since August. She might even enjoy her first taste of turkey (I’m hoping it goes down better than chicken which, judging by her reaction, is akin to sprout pate for her fledgling taste buds). And I can’t wait for our annual (or now every other year) trip to the beach on Christmas day. She may not be able to walk off her lunch independently, but she’ll definitely enjoy a look at the roaring sea and dogs racing up and down the shore.

So, I’m pleased to say the first Christmas may just be marked in 9-month old Scrip’s calendar as much as it will be in ours.