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Waiting, waiting – six ways to cope with being overdue

Pregnant overdueSecond babies – they’re never as late as first ones, are they? That seemed to be the general consensus. That and how quickly it could all happen once it started (music to my ears since my first experience was six days of pre-labour contractions). No one seemed to disagree. That is until my last midwife appointment, when she asked how late my first was (10 days). She replied ‘get ready for some waiting – usually the second follows the same pattern’.

And only then it dawned on me – of course it could do. I could still be waiting another week. Or even longer! And, like with so many life events, we have pretty much no control over when it’s going to start.

So here I am, 4 days over and trying not to dwell (despite the blog post). I’m even enjoying trialling Continue reading

Bonapeti – healthy fresh meals prepared in minutes

BonapetiReading the Bonapeti description, they could be describing my life: “Busy London living”, keen to have wholesome meals but without the “cooking, chopping and preparing”. I love cooking, I really do. But I particularly love it when I’ve got time to do it and unless we get ourselves organised at the weekend and fill the fridge and freezer (which rarely happens) we’re faced with cooking from scratch 4 or 5 times a week. And by the time we’ve had the bath, stories and a few rounds of water-carrying to the bedroom (in Scrip’s special ‘sucking cup’, obviously) it’s 8pm and the adrenalin has run dry.

I will happily resort to cereal or beans on toast when I’m really tired, but not every night. So Bonapeti did sound appealing, and when we were offered a box to trial I was really intrigued. Continue reading

Simple Banana Bread: delicious and uses up bananas

Banana Bread SlicesFrom being an always-in-the-lunch-box baby staple, Scrip’s now a bit take it or leave it about bananas. She does like them mashed with milk and a bit of brown sugar (thanks to my mum for reminding me how much I used to like them like this!) And she’ll occasionally eat a whole one as long as she can try and peel it herself. But she’d generally rather have an apple or a pear. Which means that we sometimes have one or two  browning bananas left in the fruit bowl. Continue reading

The roast with the most: London’s favourite dish

FoodAs a long-term veggie, I haven’t been asked to try – let alone cook – a traditional roast dinner for a very long time. But being an equal opportunities household, made up of two parents of similar cooking ability (although I wouldn’t always tell my husband that), when I was approached by Tesco to cook and write about the Sunday favourite, I said that between us, we’d rise to the challenge. (I have no problem with my husband or daughter eating meat, as long as he preps it.)

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